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Microphone selectively can't hear me


Rocket works perfectly fine recording me speaking while using my computer, phone, and Android tablet, EXCEPT for anything that comes after "a las," as in "a las cinco" if I'm stating a time.  It hears everything up to the end of "a las" and then completely ignores the number, especially if it's "dos" or "diez" or "doce."  It's really annoying to get marked poorly on phrases that include the time when I did say them properly!  I have tried speaking slowly, quickly, very close to the microphone, loudly, etc., and it's only one in every 30 tries or so that it picks up the hour I'm saying.  This happens consistently across all three devices I use, so I know it's not a problem with my systems or settings.
Anyone else have a problem like this?  It is just the oddest thing.


Como un hombre, ¿no?

I've not had this specific problem, but the cutoff does occasionally come to soon, or it waits for me to say something else after I have finished.


Nope, it's not you. I have the same problem. I've tried headsets and different browsers too, and the problem still persists. When I say the numbers, it shows the recording of what I have said with the digits, ie. instead of "doce" it writes 12 and marks it as an error. Also, often the word "él" will not record for me either. 


Same here.  
Also, it often won't recognize single syllable words at the beginning of sentences, such as "él" or ¨tú".  If you kind of run them into the second word without any pause, it will sometimes catch it, but with proper diction and normal speed (mimicking the speaker in the recording) , it will score you as if you didn't say the first small word at all. 


@Annie W

I'm on the lesson about telling time and the "12" in red when I said "doce" correctly is torture!!!  What in the heck!


Interestingly enough, sometimes if you get a "12" in red when you said "doce", you can sometimes score 100% if you say each numeral separate (instead of "doce" try "uno dos").  I know it doesn't solve the problem, but if you're a bit OCD about getting 100% like I am...  :-P


Tried your little trick because I, too, am obsessive about getting dice.  :(  I'll keep trying, though -- thanks for the tip!


Hi all, one of my "horror" numbers is saying "treinta y cuatro". I always get the digital number "34" showing in my voice recording, and not the words. Any of you guys lucky enough to get 100% all of, or most of the time with this? I'm sure that I say it properly, or it wouldn't have the number "34" even showing in my recording. Gracias.


El is definitely a problem for me as far as recording,  Also when English and Spanish words are in the same sentence recording can be difficult.  Number have also been a problem.

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