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Module 2.4 Speech Recognition Issue with Sí



It's a minor thing, but the speech recognition in Module 2.4 keeps interpreting my spoken "sí" (con tilde) as "si" (sin tilde), and marking my answer as incorrect. Granted, it's impossible to indicate vocally the presence of an accent on a monosyllabic word, but I feel like the recognition algorithm ought to be able to account for that.


¡Hola AdamB66!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Unfortunately, the voice recognition can have trouble with shorter phrases in particular, when there isn't enough context for it to recognize which word is intended. 

Could you tell me which specific phrase you are having trouble with in Lesson 2.4? We will be able to check that particular sentence to see if we can put a manual fix on it to resolve the issue.

Muchas gracias otra vez,


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