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I just took the Module 3 Certification, and I have a comment about the Quiz section. It very obviously recycles randomized questions from the Quiz sections of the various Module 3 lecciones, which makes sense in theory. Unfortunately, some of the questions don't make sense outside of the lesson.

Like "What color is Mauricio's suitcase?" or "Which of these adjectives does not describe Amy's condition?", for example. Those questions don't test my knowledge of Spanish, only my memory for the details of a conversation that I may not have listened to since early in the week. I've only got so much brain power to spare, and I'd rather use it to remember Spanish grammar and vocabulary than plot elements from the audio plays.


¡Hola AdamB66!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

The Spanish courses are currently undergoing a review and the quizzes for the audio lessons are slated to be looked at as part of this. I will pass your comments on to our Spanish team so that they can keep an eye out for questions like these, as they are indeed not very useful when it comes to module certification. Our apologies for this! Once the review is completed, the questions should be phrased in such a way that they are able to stand on their own much better.



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