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I am new to using Rocket Spanish and I am having navigational problem. I have done the first dialogue but it is only giving me one question in each section even though it shows a box in the corner with 0/15,  0/14  0/14.  After I do the first question it come up with a green 100% but no other questions to answer and it only shows me at about 20% complete so I know there must be more. Can't figure how to move forward.

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Hi Albert-W1, 

I am sorry to hear you had problems with the Reinforcement Area; after you have provided the answer, please make sure you select a rating: 'Easy', 'Good', or 'Hard'; after you rate the phrase/word, the next come should come up. 

We also have some short-keys when on a desktop/laptop: 

P = Play tutor audio
R = Record yourself
Enter = Reveals phrase
1 = rate as Easy
2 = rate as Good
3 = rate as Hard

Kind Regards!

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