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My Progress query



Over the last 24 hours I've noticed that on the 'my progress' section, in the drop down box  for 'last 24 hours' 'last 7 days' etc now doesn't show my position under the last two dates ie 'last 12 months' and 'all time'

It's not a biggie in the grand scheme of things, but I have enjoyed trying to get myself into, say,  the 'top 100' over 12 months and, as I have an awful long way to go before I get into the top 15, it's been a bit of  a motivational tool for me.  So I'm just wondering if it's a temporary glitch or an intended part of a recent update.


marieg-rocket languages

Hi SheffieldLass, 

Thank you for your feedback. I have been informed by our IT Team that this issue has been resolved and you are now able again to see your position on the Leaderboard. 

Kind Regards!


many thanks Marieg. All working ok now x

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