My streak...gone!!!


I had a 76 day streak going and didn't miss a day but for some reason my streak reset to zero.  The only reason I can think of is that we had travelled across two time zones the day before but I had done lessons both days.  Not a real big deal but somehow that streak was a motivator to not miss a day.  Can it be reinstated?  

Has anyone else had this happen?




Not had the same thing happen Dwight but I know what you mean. I hadn't missed a day since I joined the course - over 90 days - then one day I had been particularly busy at work and completely FORGOT my Spanish study. Felt I'd really let myself down the next day when I realised so now only 21 days into my new 'streak' .. it is a great motivator I agree ! 


Happy to notice today that Rocket Spanish reinstated my streak.  Thank you Rocket Spanish!  I am really loving the course, very few concerns.  Wish I had more time to commit to it right now, but very happy that you noticed my post and must have looked into things and saw that I never missed a day.  Thanks again!



Well done Dwight. Glad you've got your streak back.

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