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New Design Hides "My Progress", "Quick Settings", and "Quick Tools"!




One of the first things I noticed about the new design is that items in the left frame (at least, what used to be a separate left frame) is that it is now locked to the right frame and My Progress, Quick Settings, and Quick Tools, immediately scroll out of view when we start our lessons. These items aren't very convenient if we have to scroll to the top of the lesson every time we want to make a note, do a word search, check vocabulary, change record difficulty, or view our progress.  They used to be visible and usable at every point in the lesson.

Is this really intended to be an improvement? I can't imagine that anyone would consider this change as being more convenient. I'm hoping that this was just an oversight where someone forgot to restore a "switch" of some sort that unlocks the left frame from the right one, when they went live with the new design.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Tomás71, 

Thank you for your feedback. Our tech team is aware of this and we are looking into so that it can be restored to what it used to be. 

Kind Regards!

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