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Odd Translation in 11.17 - El imperfecto



One of the phrases we need to translate in lesson 11.17 is the question “Did you like candy when you were a child?”

The translation in Spanish is different between what is written and what is spoken in the recorded audio. The recorded audio, which I believe is correct, is “¿Te gustaba los dulces cuando era niño?” The written phrase, and the one that we are asked to type and speak, is “¿Te gustaba dulces cuando era niño?” Notice the missing “los”.

It's my understanding that “gustar”, when followed by a noun, must always use an article before that noun, like “el”, “los”, etc. Is that right?

marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi AdamB66, 

Thank you for your feedback; and yes, you are completely right, the written sentence was missing "los", we have gone ahead and updated this! :) 

Kind Regards!

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