Premium level 1: module 8


I cant' get module 8 to show as complete on my dashboard even though they are marked as completed in each of the three lessons.  Any ideas?


If it's the same issue I've seen, it has to do with the internet connection cutting out. Refreshing the browser displays the questions that still need to be answered. Once answered, the lessons are marked as completed.


Module 8 doesn't have any questions.  It just has three lessons which are the conversations and role playing audio files.  I don't believe it's connection related since it doesn't matter which computer, browser, or location I use.  Also, the lessons have been marked as completed for several weeks now, but the module still hasn't acknowledged that.



Hi everyone,

My sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your comments.  The lessons in Module 8 can now be marked as complete by clicking on the circles (where the testing icons would normally be) so that they turn green.  Once you have marked all lessons as complete, Module 8 will automatically collapse on your Dashboard, making it obvious that you're all finished with that section.

I hope that helps!

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