Premium Plus: Level 2


I have finished Premium: Level 1 of the Rocket Spanish course and have now started with the next level, Premium Plus: Level 2.

I was wondering whether any of you, who have already done this level, found it to be a lot more challenging than the first level?

I find that the sentences are a lot longer and more difficult to memorise.  I guess it is to be expected, though, and the only think to do is to knuckle down, take one's time and work at it.

Does anyone here have any insights to share?


I remember once (way back when) when I was doing Level 1, had both Level 1 and Level 2 on my iPod and I accidentally hit a conversation from Level 2. *Gasp*  They talked so fast!!! I thought to myself that I would be stoked if I could one day be at that level. Now I can't even bear to go back and listen to those lessons as they speak so tediously slow.

It's all relative but yes, it is a big jump - no getting around that. Going from the beginner to the intermediate level is the most difficult of all, progress seems slow but it will come if you're able to consistently stay at it every day. ¡Buena suerte, amigo! And keep participating in the forum - it motivates all of us!


I guess you're right - it's a matter of perception. As the saying goes, the only way to eat an elephant is bit by bit (I've never really liked that expression). 

If I look back at where I was - a total Gringo - I should be proud of myself for getting as far as I have. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to do as you did, Steven; look back at the intermediate level and laugh at how ridiculously elementary it all is!

Thanks for your words of encouragement. Es muy amable.


I laugh to myself when I think back to starting RS and planning to be fluent in the language in, oh, about a year! So here I am 4.5 years later, able to carry on a conversation with native speakers if they speak slowly enough, but I don't consider myself fluent, just competent. I think my quest for fluency will take the rest of my life. 

I read a great quote by Fernando Lamas awhile back, "when you meet someone with an accent it means they know one more language than you." I do get a great sense of accomplishment knowing that I am well along in learning something that the vast majority of people in my country do not. And that my life has been greatly enriched by learning about the culture of the Spanish-speaking world.


Yes, there is quite a jump in sentence length--and the speed in which they are spoken--between levels.  I was blown away when I moved from Level 2 to Level 3--it was even a little discouraging at first.  Now I am just starting lesson 21, and although it's still challenging, it has become very "doable"--that is, challenging in a very good way. 

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