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Problem with Numbers in Spanish Level 2


I’m not sure if this is happening to everyone, but when I use the app to complete “Hear it,” “Write it,” or “Know it” exercises that contain numbers there is a major issue with the programming. For instance, if the statement says something like, “en el año 1570...” and I record myself saying, “mil quinientos setenta” out loud the program marks my response incorrect, even if the audio says exactly the same thing. On the other hand, if the statement spells the year out (e.g. mil quinientos setenta) and I say this exact phrase, the record function marks my response as 1570 and incorrect. Is this happening to others? Is there a way to fix it? It’s incredibly annoying when every statement that contains a number is graded incorrect, even when it’s not.


I understand your frustration, and for this reason, long ago I abandoned the RR function.  As far as really grading pronunciation RR isn't sufficient.  One really needs a native speaker to tell him if he's getting the sounds correct.   RR can help, but is also far from perfect.


Estoy absolutamente de acuerdo, Jeff. Encuentro también que es un perdido enorme de nuestro tiempo esperando la respuesta del sistema después de cada frase. Mejor tratar de simular una conversación focalizando sur la rapidez. A lo que se refiere a la pronunciación, un hablante nativo sí sería capaz de juzgar y él sólo (quizás RR en 5 años cuando mejore la tecnología). – Esteban


I am having the same problem. I thought I was doing something wrong!
I guess they still havent fixed it!


Nope, it is consistently inconsistent. Not that I really know anything about how the system works, but I can sort of see how it would be confused about numbers. The good news is that you can override the grade that the system gives you. If it grades you less that you know you deserved, give yourself a higher grade. I often grade myself down if it says that my recording was perfect but I really didn't understand the meaning of the sentence I repeated.

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