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Suggestion:  Create a hyperlink where new users can read about points for activities and how much each badge is worth.  I have spent too much time trying to search My Forum, but to no avail.

For example:  place it at the end of this on Progress page...

Everything you do in your Rocket Spanish course earns you Rocket Points, which go towards various Rocket Badges. For the competitive among you, keep an eye on the Leaderboard to find out how you compare to other learners!  Click here for more info


FYI, you can find the point totals for each badge by clicking help in the upper right and expanding the "How do the badges work?" topic.


¡Hola TravisB13 y GaryM25!

Thank you for your suggestion TravisB13, and for your helpful answer, GaryM25!

You can also find the full details on how the point system and badges work (and on a number of other handy topics) on our FAQ page. That should hopefully answer all of your questions, TravisB13, but I will pass on your suggestion about improving the placement of this information as well.



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