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Hi all,

I’m currently listening to the Level 1 lessons of the Rocket Spanish course. I noticed that both Amy and Mauricio make a distinction between the sounds for B and V, especially at the beginning of speech. I find that a little odd as I read that these letters should be pronounced exactly the same in pretty much all dialects (Puerto Rican Spanish seems to be an exception). Both Amy and Mauricio seem to pronounce V the same way as in English (as a voiced labiodental fricative).

I read that Amy is not a native Spanish speaker, but I think Mauricio is. Which variation of Spanish does he speak?

I’d like to acquire a Mexican Spanish pronounciation. Is it correct that B and V are pronounced the same there? To my understanding they are pronounced as English B (voiced bilabial plosive) at the beginning of speech and after n/m. And as β (voiced bilabial approximant, which has no English equivalent) otherwise. Is that correct?



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marieg-rocket languages

Hi Michael8480, 

You are correct when you say that both ‘B’ and ‘V’ are technically pronounced the same in Spanish; however, in practice, sometimes people do pronounce them differently, which is what you may hear with both Mauricio and Amy; however, this is a very minor thing and you can pronounce it either way and nobody will notice it as an “error” or see it as “weird”.  I am a native Spanish speaker, and I do the same sometimes as well :) 

Mauricio is from Chile, so that's the accent you'll hear from him. 


Kind Regards

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