Good morning Liss.  During the past year or so that I have been learning Spanish on your site I have always been curios about your three ratings: Easy, Good, Hard.  Certainly I understand the Easy and the Hard but I have never understood the GOOD.  Easy I assume means the statement was simple or well understood.  The hard was difficult for me to understand.  But the GOOD, I just can't interpret.  I know the result would be not easy or not difficult but somewhere in between but the word GOOD just doesn't ring out to me.


¡Hola Spanish51!

Indeed, so those three ratings are supposed to reflect how you felt about the word or phrase you were practicing. Was it easy for you? Did you think it was good/okay? Was it difficult? And based on your feeling about it, you can use those ratings to categorize it.

It might be helpful to consider the way these ratings are assigned automatically when you're using the "easy" setting on Rocket Record. In that case, responses that reach at least 80% accuracy are rated as "easy," at least 40% are rated as "good," and below 40% is rated as "hard." So if you feel that you knocked a certain phrase out of the park, you can rate it as "easy." If you think you were at least 40% sure of your answer, you can rate it as "good." And if you felt less sure than 40%, you can rate it as "hard."

Ultimately, though, it's up to you as to how strict you want to be with your own rating system, depending on exactly what you'd like to review if you select "Redo Non-Easy Phrases." 

I hope that this was helpful!



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