Recording numbers

On the "Hear It Say It" and "Know It" lesson sections, often when you say a number it seems to register it as character when it should have been a word, or it registers as a word when it should have been a character.  
For example: when I say "five" in Spanish it will either show as "cinco" or 5.  This is problematic when the program wants you to say it as "5" but it shows up as "cinco"  I hope that there is some trick to fix this.


Alexander: I think this is an issue with the program that has existed for a long time. And the big problem is that it is inconsistent. Sometimes it wants the word, other times the number. I thought that I read that that was one of the things they were working to clear up.

But, if it counts you down for a bogus wrong answer, you can always override the score. I do this quite often; sometimes I give myself a lower score because the system thought I responded correctly when I know that I used the wrong conjugation or whatever.

Its a machine; you're a human. Show it who is boss!


If I am being asked to "write it" in the language, I would suggest that Rocket Languages always require that we use the word, not the number.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.  Of course, since we can override the rating, it is more of an annoyance.

Oh, I didn't know that you could override the score like that.  I thought that the score that Rocket Languages gives you was the final score.  Gracias por el consejo!

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