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The “settings” widget in the toolbar lists only Rocket Record Difficulty for which the help is “use these settings to adjust the Rocket Record voice recognition difficulty.” (duh). The options are “Easy” and “Hard.” Which is the correct option to choose or how do I evaluate which option to choose?



¡Hola CarlF7!


Thanks for your question!

If you set the Rocket Record difficulty to “easy," it makes it easier for you to receive a higher score when you use the Rocket Record voice recognition tool on any given phrase.  Essentially, it makes the scoring more lenient. If you set it to “hard,” on the other hand, it will be more exacting: you will need to have a more natural/accurate pronunciation in order to score a higher rating.

Generally, if you are a new language learner, it can be more motivating to start out with the “easy” setting while you work on getting your tongue around the sounds of the language. Then, once you're consistently getting high scores, you can switch to “hard” and really work on honing your pronunciation.

If you're unsure which point you're currently at in your learning, I would recommend starting out with the difficulty set to “hard” and seeing how you do. If you're having a lot of trouble getting higher scores with the voice recognition, then it might be best to switch down to “easy” while you work on your pronunciation skills.

Do let me know if you have any more questions!




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