Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Feedback and Comments The additional conjugations being added to the Language & Culture lessons are really cumbersome and not very helpful

The additional conjugations being added to the Language & Culture lessons are really cumbersome and not very helpful


For example lesson 15.6 went from 9 to 139 exercises, and they are all:  yo diga, tu digas, usted diga, el diga, ella diga, nostros digamos, nosotras digamos, vosotros digáis, vosotras digáis, ustedes digan. ellos digan, ellas digan.  And then it goes through the same thing with hacer, poner, tener, ver, pensar, cerrar, entender, mentir, volver, contar, dormir, etc.  

I think it's really overkill.  The actual conjugations are rarely the issue for me.  It was well explained before you added all this, and I would have loved to have seen more development and exercises that actually focused on WHEN to use the subjunctive, as that is why I return to these lessons for review.  

I wouldn't mention  it at all, but this is the forum for feedback, and I've noticed the same trend when I go back to review other Language & Culture lessons.  The grammar lessons themselves are great, and I need to review them frequently at this point, but the additional exercises are almost exclusively these conjugation drills, and are really not very helpful.   

Just my 2 cents.   


I haven't looked at those lessons for a long time but hearing what you say, I would have to agree.

btw, the Travelogue course is really helpful for learning the subjunctive. There are no exercises but tons of examples in the conversations.


I really enjoyed the Travelogue, and have just started my second pass through it.   
The second pass through the lessons has been very interesting.  I pick up on different things that I completely missed or didn't know to look for the first time through.  It's a good motivator for me, to go back and be able to recognize the progress that I've made.  


I hear you. I've been through the Travelogue countless times and each time I'm picking up something new. One of the terrific values of having a course that's not limited in time.

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