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The Flashcards


I love the flashcards that come with this course. However, I think it would be much more helpful if the flashcards corresponded with the audio lessons. For example, the flashcards would be broken up into section. The third page of flashcards that went with section 1-3 would have words like azúcar, leche, listo, tomar, and other words introduced in that lesson. This way the flashcards support the audio lessons instead of being just another option of learning. On the day I listen to lesson 1-3 I can carry around the corresponding flashcards for that lesson in my pocket and look at them thought the day or at work to support my learning experience. It would make progressing from lesson to lesson much easier and faster.

Thanks so much for your suggestion! We'll definitely implement this in the future. In addition, we plan to add more words into the MegaAudio and MegaVocab games so that you can practice the words from the Conversation Course and Interactive Audio Lessons as well. We'll notify you here when these additions have been made!


Thanks! :)


How do I switch which language is shown first on my flash cards?


Press the little gear icon at the top right of the flashcards section. A menu will drop down where you can toggle sound on or off, and select which language to see first.



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