Trouble with conversation course ebook.

I ordered the 25 cd set course.I first say its great.The best thing about it is that it mixes the 2 most popular methods of learning a language,with added benefits. The cd's has the same method of pimsleur of having your repeat what you hear,but teaches common phrases as opposed to "The boy rides the bicycle. The conversation course ebook allows you to listen and repeat as many times as possible(like fsi) but you control it,so if you dont need to repeat "hola" at all,but you need to repeat "Como estas" a hundred times, then you dont have to really on the cd's,you control it all.The conversation course ebook is definantly one of the best ideas of seen for a spanish course. Now my problem....Sometimes my computer will not play the whole short audio tracks in the ebook.For instance if I click on "Necesito un bano" it may play the whole track,or it may only play"sito un bano"or just "un bano".I dont have a problem with this on my mothers computer,but I do on mine.We both have compaq computers,with windows media player playing the tracks,and we both have adobe reading the ebooks,hers is adobe acrobat 6 and mine aa 7. I am confused because it will play the tracks,just not everytime.The main thing is that it usually only cuts of the first word in a phrase.So tracks that start with a common word(like soy de,me gustaria,necesito,qiero etc,) will sometimes play the whole phrase,and sometimes just half or none of the first word. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it,or what the problem can be? Thanks in advance.

Any idea's Amy or Mauricio? I sent an email to you a couple of days ago about this problem,hope to hear from you guys soon.... And sorry about the grammer,I was in a rush at the time that I wrote about my problem. Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for the comment, Jessie! Does anyone else have this problem? I can't seem to replicate it with either Adobe Acrobat 6 or 7!


I also downloaded the software. I had a problem with the games reacting the same way. When I deleted the software and unzipped it to the directory c:\megaspanish it works fine. I am using a Compaq laptop with xp, AA 7. Howard

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