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I would like a global search feature.
For example, let's say I come across the word 'alguno' in another context [a book, YouTube] and I want to learn what RS has to say about it [and practice].  It would be great if I could search and find that particular section [11.7].
You do have a search, and I like it, but there is no referent assigned to a particular lesson.
Maybe you could incorporate a list when using the Search.
I understand it would be a monumental undertaking...11.7 could easily have 11 words [in the singular] that could be referenced.  But maybe start off with key words.  Anyway, something to consider.
For now, I use my Sp textbook or search on the web.  Thanks


¡Hola TravisB13!

Thank you for your feedback! As a matter of fact, we used to have a global search function in our courses. It was removed somewhat recently on the understanding that it suffered from some issues and that the My Vocab search function was found to be more useful/effective by users. However, our technical team is currently working on a number of improvements to the Members' Area, and I will pass your feedback about this on to them.

In the meantime, it is possible to search for terms using My Vocab and then access the lessons that contain those terms by clicking the blue link below the phrases. I realize that this is unfortunately less direct than having a search function that points you to the lesson devoted to that topic, but hopefully this might still be of some help!



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