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I am working with Rocket Spanish Level 2, Lesson 8.1 - All About Yesterday


My complaint is with the amount of time allowed for repeating the sentences in Lessons Vocabulary section.  Specifically, these sentences.


No, definitivamente no. Las cosas nunca son tan fáciles como uno cree.


Porque nadie quiere saber lo que tú comiste ayer. Bueno, sólo las mamás.


Ah, no sabes lo que te perdiste. Bueno, vamos, entonces. Repite después de mí.


Rocket Spanish DOES NOT ALLOW sufficent time to repeat the sentences.  Whay do I say this?  Good question!  The timer ends before I can repeat the sentence!!!!!!!!!!!   BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY, when I play back what I am supposed to say, it it MUCH slower than what my “speed” is.  WHY?????


Yes, I have completed all of the above, BUT, by talking so fast that it “blows my mind”!!!!!!!!!!  I do get to 100% complete, and score 100% with promunciation, BUT, WHY DO I HAVE TO SAY IT SO FAST?????????????  IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!  I am doing all I can to pronounce correctly but I am being “PEANLIZED” by some stupid ass timer!  Im my opinion, it is complete BS!


Please fix this kind of thing!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you!!



In addition, I am making a POSITIVE recommendation.  PLEASE, take the time that your speaker says the sentence and ADD a few more seconds!  Doesn't that sound like a reasonable and sensible approach?  People are trying to learn a language, not BEATING a stupid insignifcant timer.


What say you?



I am doing those lessons right now and I 100% agree. I have to say it so fast (it feels faster than the native speaker) to get it accepted. It has always been a minor problem becuase you do speak slower than a native speaker but Level 2 really seems to increase sentence length.



Hi Dale, 

We're very sorry to hear about your audio issues. I have sent you an email directly so that we can try and troubleshoot the problem. 

As for the window of time provided to record yourself, this is calculated based on the length of the audio file itself so I will pass this feedback on to the IT team to see if there's any way to increase the window. 

I hope that helps!

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