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Why are there extra blanks In Lesson 6.2 Play it!



While trying to complete Lesson 6.2 Play it? I was confused by some extra blanks in the Mauricio conversation at Levels 2&3. I had to keep going back to Level 1 to see what the correct words are. Maybe I am wrong but it appear to me that where it should be Toma. ?Como..., there is Toma ______ ?Como..... Where there should be Si. Siempre...., there is Si _____. Siempre......, and where it should show Yo. Me ______..... it shows Yo ____, Me______.  Just thought you might want to look at that to make it easier for future users of this lesson. 

Thanks, Don 
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Don, 

Thank you very much for sending this feedback. Can you please check now and see if you have the same problem? I have just run a review on the lesson and it should be OK now.

Please let us know how it goes.

Kind Regards!

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