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Are gafas and lentes synonyms?


What is the difference between gafas and lentes?


I think that in a general sense they can be used interchangeably and you would be understood. However, I also think that gafas are used to describe glasses in some countries while lentes are used in others. Perhaps in a more technical sense, you could use gafas to describe eyeglasses...the frames and lenses....while lentes might more accurately describe the lenses themselves, or a camera lens, telescope lens, etc. Just my 2 centavos.


Good response. Looks like I'll have to hold on to my 2 centavos...


Also, sometimes "gafas" means sunglasses.  In the post office here in Arequipa, Peru there is a sign saying "Gafas están prohibidas" and has a picture of tinted glasses.

​Another word for glasses is "anteojos."


I've always thought about gafas as sunglasses, and lentes as eyeglasses. I've never thought that meanings might change in other countries, but that's good to bring up. And thanks, hefay, for the other sounds fancier;)

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