beber vs tomar



 Hi All

Is "tomar" used in South America vs “beber.”  In Level one “Tomar” is used  as to drink.

I know that in European Portuguese “beber” is used


Thank you




¡Hola Maxie!

Thanks for your question!


In Latin American Spanish, both tomar and beber can be used to mean “to drink.” The verb tomar also has some other meanings, though: its more standard meaning is “to take,” and it can also be used to mean “to eat”!

Native speakers tend to prefer one verb over the other for “to drink” in different regions - and it's worth noting that in some regions, either tomar or beber may be used to talk about drinking alcohol specifically. But you should still be understood no matter which verb you use, and you will get used to the usage in a particular area as you spend more time talking with locals!

I hope that this helps!



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