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When a lesson is completed or someone spends time learning Spanish is there a way to track how many hours a person has spent on the program?  Or does the user receive a certificate that can be printed to show proficiency?  I'm curious.


It used to be that RL would send a certificate (as an attachment in an email) when you reached certain point milestones (based on completing exercises). My badge changed on the last big milestone I reached but I don't remember receiving a certificate so they may not be doing that anymore.


Whenever you got a new badge, they use to give you an opportunity to share to Facebook, Google and other social media. I don't think they have that feature anymore.


I agree with Steven and Robert: certificates used to be emailed, but I have not received one for awhile. It is not a big deal to me though: being able to communicate in Spanish is the reward I seek.

Speaking of certification though, has anyone taken any of the online EUC tests? I keep wondering exactly where I am and think this might be a motivation to keep learning...assuming I have progressed beyond A1...


I just tried to find again the tests (A1 - C2) from Instituto Cervantes without much success. I looked at them some 6 months ago and took a few practice tests. B1 seemed doable for me at the time. B2 looked downright nasty. The latter is the level I think we're looking for (conversationally fluent to the point where a company would hire you).

I think it's a great idea to go for a test. One of the Spanish people I speak with has set a date to take the test (she's learning German) and having that deadline is really pushing her to be ready.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

For the time being, you would get a certificate after you finish a row of Module Test on each level and also once you pass the Final Test

I hope that helps!

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