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Creating flash cards



I am having difficulty finding out how to create custom flash cards. Can I take words from the various flash cards I have already practiced and create a new set, or do I have to go back to that lesson and practice the words I missed?


Hi Alan, 
Not sure if you still have this question, but here's what I've found. 
Yes, you can take words from various flash cards you have already practiced by adding them to "MyVocab," then creating a new set based on those words. Here's how to make the custom set:
1. Click on the arrow of the level of Spanish that you want to make the flashcards for.
2. Click on "FlashCards"
3. Click on "Create Custom Set" in the top left corner (right under where it says "FlashCards"
4. Follow the steps that appear (Select "Import from MyVocab")
Let me know if you have any questions!


Loggielo thank you for this I was wondering the same thing

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