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Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Vocab 'cual' is it a what or a which?

'cual' is it a what or a which?


lesson 1.5 is where i first encountered it and noted it as a 'what'.  It re-occurred in lesson 3.5 as a 'which'.
which or what is it?? ayudame!! por favor!


It's both.  Kind of.

Q​ seems to be used when defining something, such as ​What did you do today? - ¿Qué hiciste hoy?

Cuál​ seems to be more when choosing from a group. That is why ​What is your name? becomes ​Which name is yours? - ¿Cuál es tu nombre? Of all the names to choose from, which is yours?

​Hope this helps.


​¿Cuál palabra debo usar, qué o cuál?
​Depende.  ¿Qué es el contexto?
​Yo creo que no hay ninguna ley escrita en piedra.  Vas a reconocerlo por practicar, por oir, por hablar, y vas a recordarlo para siempre después de aprenderlo.


rizhaider,  it appears that 'cual' generally means 'which.' I've noticed that it sometimes means what, but that is extremely rare. I hope this helps.


I would agree, hefay and Brittany:), cual is normally used to mean "WHICH."

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