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Does Anyone Else Say This?


Recently I was practicing asking for someone's number (¿Puedo tener tu número de teléfono?). I thought I should try asking for the cell and not the landline. So I said, ¿Puedo tener el número de tu celléfono?  Then I realized it sounded really stupid. I didn't know how to say "cell phone," so I had just said celléfono (which yields zero results when you search it on Google; it's not a real word). Has anyone ever said that on accident instead of telephono movil? Why isn't cellephono slang or something? I haven't heard anyone say, "can I have your mobile telephone number?" in a while. Although I guess "cell" is an English term, so it wouldn't work. But it sure is catchier. Just saying :).


Hola Kellaur,
Se dice celular. En España se dice móvil, "teléfono"  es opcional.


Hola Ricardo! Gracias por la ayuda; lo aprecio.


Muchas gracias también. Es muy interesante.

David K

Gracias a todos. Realmente lo aprecio cuando las personas comparten estas simples conversaciones españolas.
Por favor, hágamelo saber lo que me sale mal.

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