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Flash Cards Lost Functionality


Three days ago access to my Custom Flash Cards was not possible. Now the access has returned, but the functionality of the program is much degraded. Will this be corrected? Am I the only person affected by this? Previously there were five categories for each word, from easy to hard, and a running tab was kept for each level. Now there are only two levels and no running tab.


There are now only three levels . The running tab is at the top right of the screen and may not be visible while using the program if your screen is zoomed greater than 110%



What is going on? This is bizarre! How could anyone be happy with the new flashcard algorithm? Perhaps five levels are not necessary, but previously a real time total for each category made it possible for the user to understand where he/she was in getting through the flashcard deck. Is there no way we can go back the the old system? Also, in iOS the screen is a mess in all of the five quizzes.



I have to agree with Alan that the drop down list showing which phrases were rated in the various catagories were helpful, as one could see at a glance which ones were causing the most trouble.

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