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Hi, I can't create custom flashcard collections I know where the page to do it is but it's blank and I can't do anything on that page. Can you help me?                                                             

Thanks a lot



I just tried making a set and was having trouble creating one also until I discovered that if I enter the Spanish and English  words and then I press the edit( + ) button then it would create it after pressing the save button at the bottom of the screen. May be a bug in the program.  At this first stage it kicks you out of the create and into  the review mode (Bug perhaps) . In order to enter more words go back into flashcards find your saved file open it by pressing the pencil icon (edit) and it should work properly from this point on . Don't forget to save every one or at least a few entries because sometimes it doesn't save and you will lose the work you just did.

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