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I have 80-some flashcard words on the first Travelogue lesson.  Can anyone share how they go through all those words?  Do you create your own flashcards with 10 or 20 words to focus on? Or?? 


¡Hola Osita!

My apologies that you have been waiting so long for a reply! I'm going to move this thread over to the "Vocab" part of the forum, where other course users may be more likely to see it and respond; in addition, I'll hop in with a few suggestions from a tutor's perspective. : ) 

I'd say that the best technique for learning vocabulary is to break things up into manageable chunks of 20-25 phrases/words. Whether that involves creating more, smaller bunches of FlashCards or simply tackling your 80+ FlashCards over several days is up to you and what you find the most useful! However, my recommendation would be to make smaller groups of FlashCards that are organized according to subject (e.g. one bunch for food-related phrases, one bunch for plane- or transportation-related phrases, etc.), since your brain has an easier time remembering things if they're grouped together by theme.

I hope that this is helpful!



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