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Grading for my audio responses




I just purchased Rocket Spanish. Before I purchased it, I watched a recent video review of Rocket Spanish & it showed a grade next the learner's audio responses.  After each lesson under “Play It!”, when I repeat words, I am not seeing a grade to show me how well I am pronoucing the words.  Why is that?   That is a feature that I really like and expected to see so I know which words I may need to focus on and practice my pronounciation. Thank you.  



¡Hola Angela1466!

A Rocket Record score grading your pronunciation should appear next to every phrase that you have recorded, like in this screenshot from Lesson 1.4:

If this isn't appearing for you, it may be because you are using a browser that does not support voice recognition. For working voice recognition, you will need to use Chrome or Safari 12+ as a browser (or you can use the Rocket Languages app on your iOS or Android mobile device).

I hope that this is helpful! If you are already using either of the recommended browsers above or the app and are still having trouble, do let me know so that we can get this sorted out for you!




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