In lesson 5.5 I'm late I'm sorry  -  Why is it not translated Estoy Atrasado , Estoy siento.


Estoy atrasado, lo siento. I'm late, I'm sorry.

The difference is that atrasado is an adjective while siento is a conjugated verb (sentir) in the present. If you wanted to employ estar, it would be Estoy sentido (an adjective - although I think this would change the meaning a bit).


Literally, it translates to "I am late, I feel it" - note the 'lo'.  But, "lo siento" is more just how we say "I'm sorry".  Note that sentir = to feel.  This must be another one of those idiomatic things.


I think Robert is right. Lo siento translates literally as "I feel it," but in practical usage it is simply how you express being sorry about something.

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