Are all the R's pronounced  with the sound of D as in the word naranja, the color orange. nadanja


I don't think so. The R's are a bit similar to English but rolled, which becomes much more pronounced at the beginning of a word (such as rojo) or if there are two r's in succession (like in aburrido).


Larryritchie, I agree with Steven. The R's in Spanish are similar to the English ones, just rolled. It just takes some getting used to their pronunciation, after awhile it becomes natural when saying the Spanish R words. Hope this info helps!


Yes, estoy de acuerdo con Steven y Brittany. Whether you say "Radio" (Rah-dee-oh) or Burrito (Boor-ee-toh), you trill your "r"s as much as you can. I've always trilled way less with words that have one "r" as the first letter (as in "radio") than words like "burrito" where there's a double "r" in the middle (like Steven was saying). The double "r" I actually find easier. Think "Ehrre" for one "r" and "Ehrrrreh" for double "r."



Those r's - along with that terrific rhythm - is one of the reasons I love listening to Latin music. I should get around to posting again my favorite songs...


One of my favorites with a million remixes is Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony. They used it at the dance studio I go to all the time for Salsa at the night parties.

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