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Hi, I just started learning Spanish and wanted to know the difference between these two sentences: Es muy amable and Tú eres amable. Is the difference the formality? Little bit confused :D



Welcome to the learning journey!


I am guessing you are in Lesson 1.11


Tú eres amable. = You are kind.

Es muy amable. = You (formal)) are very kind. OR (He/She) is very kind. 


Including the pronoun puts emphasis on it (YOU are kind.) or is used for clarification.

Not including the pronoun with the 3rd person means you have to use context. As used in Lesson 1.4, it is the formal “you”.


Tú eres amable. = informal

Es muy amable. = formal


Hope that helps!






Hi Scott, 

That helped a lot, thank you for the clarification!





¡Hola BiancaV3 y Scott_C!

Just to chime in on Scott_C's response, BiancaV3: In addition to the lesson that he mentioned (Lesson 1.11: “'You,' ‘He’ and Other Pronouns,” which includes the sections “Which ‘You’ Should You Use?” and “Vanishing Pronouns”), you might find it helpful to check out Lesson 1.12: "'To Be' Part 1: The Verb SER," which gives you some practice both using and dropping pronouns with the verb ser “to be.”

I hope that you find this useful!



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