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How do I enable my computer to type the symbols unique to Spanish -- like accented vowels and upside-down exclamation marks?


Rita: there are several ways, but here is what I do:

I changed my keyboard to the US International PC setting. Now I can type accented vowels by first typing ' then the vowel. I get ñ by holding option, typing n, then retyping n. ¿ by holding option, shift, and typing ?. ¡ hold option and type !. Pretty simple once you get used to it.

I use a Mac but I think something similar words with Windows as well.


Thank you I will do that too :)


Here is a link to what Dan described for the PC:

I don't want to change my keyboard layout so this is not an option for me. I have looked into another method for the PC (AutoHotkey) but I have not yet been able to get this to work. 
One of these days I'm going to move to the Mac...


Hola Steven,
I totally understand your desire to start using Mac for learning Spanish, but I can tell you that it's only a little bit different from the PC when learning Spanish though it's basics are different. But you do whatever you want involving your language learning journey.
Adios por now

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