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Marie-ClaireIt’s easy to learn French words with these free French audio lessons. The Rocket French team has created online lists of common French words to help you survive in a French-speaking environment.

We’ve included the English translation, audio for French pronunciation, and helpful cultural tips along the way!

Check out these lessons on French words from Rocket French!

Body parts in French

After this French audio lesson you’ll know the parts of the body in French – some basic medical French for your language survival kit! 

Listen to the French audio and follow the pronunciation, and when you’re ready, practice saying the French words aloud. I hope you don’t need to use it, but you’ll also learn how to say I’m sick in French – just in case! 

Clothes in French: Dressing for the weather

Do you need to know some French words for clothes? Well listening closely while I teach you how to name different items of clothing in French. This online French lesson will show you how to identify clothes that are suitable for the conditions. 

You are much more dependent on the weather when traveling, because you are likely to spend more time outside. Part of dealing with different weather conditions is having the appropriate clothing.

Clothing in French

This free audio lesson will teach you some basic words for clothing in French. Listen to the pronunciation of the French words and practice saying them aloud until you feel confident.

With these French clothing words under your belt (so to speak!) you’ll be able to describe what someone is wearing, or what you’re looking for when shopping for clothes in France. 

Computer in French: Technology

Need to know how to navigate a computer in French or use the phone in French? This free audio lesson is for you!

If you want to know how to connect, send or download and more, check out these essential French words for using everyday technology.

Next, listen carefully to how you pronounce the French phrases for making a phone call in French and leaving a phone message. 

Family in French

In this free lesson you’ll learn how to talk about your family in French. Practice your French pronunciation as you listen to the audio, and while you’re at it – take a closer look at the different ways to say my in French.

Speaking about people in French will also help you understand how the French masculine and feminine principles work. By the end of this lesson you’ll also know how to talk about more than one person. 

Food in French

Warning: This free audio lesson on food in French will make your mouth water!

But if you want to master the art of dining in a French restaurant AND polish your French pronunciation at the same time, this lesson has your name on it!

I’ve listed some common French menu items with audio so you’ll be able to recognize them next time you’re dining French-style. I’ve also included some common French words and phrases that may come in useful when listening or speaking to the waiter. 

Days in French

After this free French audio lesson you'll know the days in French. This is essential French for your language survival kit!

Months in French

With this free French audio lesson you'll know the months in French, and even the seasons of the year. This is essential French to grow your vocabulary!

Here's a tip: Try using a French calendar, which will help you remember these words more easily. Listen carefully to the French pronunciation and practice saying the French words aloud. Practice does makes perfect!

Emotions in French

After this online audio lesson you will be able talk about your feelings in French. Being able to talk about your emotions in French will help you get to know people better and take your new friendships to the next level.
How would you like to be able to say how you really feel in a French conversation? Let's get started!

Music in French

This free online French lesson will teach you some of the French music words you need to know – just listen to the audio for the French pronunciation and practice saying the French words and phrases aloud.
Being able to talk about music in French is a great way to start a conversation with a native French speaker – after all, music is a universal language!
Perhaps you’re traveling in a French-speaking country and you want to buy some French music – how would you ask for what you want in French?

I hope you find these free French language lessons helpful. 

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Happy learning!

Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team

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