Basic Japanese Phrases

When you're in Japan it's really important to have some basic Japanese phrases up your sleeve, to help you out when you need it. You never know when a little bit of Japanese will save the day!

Like when you're planning a day out. If you're trying to decide what to do for the day, one key element is going to be the weather. Knowing some Japanese phrases that enable you to enquire about what the day is going to do will make planning that much easier, even if it's just planning your wardrobe...

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In fact clothing is another area where it's helpful to have some basic Japanese phrases. Japan's a great place to buy clothes, there's just such a variety of fantastic styles available. When you're out clothes shopping in Japan, knowing how to ask for the things you want is the key to a successful mission.

While going out and shopping are pretty important, there's one area in particular where it seems essential to have some Japanese phrases: health. If you're visiting Japan and you get sick, or worse, injured, how are you going to tell people what's wrong? Having some key Japanese phrases available will make the whole experience that much easier.

The Rocket Japanese free phrase lessons will give you all the tools you need to get by when you're in Japan, and you need to be understood. There are lists of common phrases, English translations, audio for pronunciation, and tons of helpful cultural tips too!

Pronouncing basic Japanese phrases

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おなまえ は なん です か?

O namae wa nan desu ka?

What is your name?

わたし の なまえ は (______) です。

Watashi no namae wa (______) desu.

My name is ______.

はい、げんき です。 ありがとう ございます。

Hai, genki desu. Arigatō gozaimasu.

Yes, I'm well. Thank you.

今日 の 天気 予報 は 何 です か

きょう の てんき よほう は なん です か

Kyō no tenki yohō wa nan desu ka?

What's the weather forecast for today?


まよって しまい ました、 たすけて くれません か?

Mayotte shimai mashita, tasukete kuremasen ka?

I'm lost, can you help me?

お げんき です か?

O genki desu ka?

How are you?


きもち わるい

Kimochi warui

I feel sick; I don't feel right

ゆっくり はなして もらって も いい です か?

Yukkuri hanashite moratte mo ii desu ka?

Could you speak slowly for me?

にほんご が はなせます か?

Nihongo ga hanasemasu ka?

Can (you) speak Japanese?

That's it for this lesson.

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