Itadakimasu is a common Japanese phrase used before eating a meal. Literally, it means "I humbly receive" and is often used to thank someone for the meal. Learn how to pronounce itadakimasu and other useful meal time phrases with these free audio examples.

How to pronounce Itadakimasu

いただき ます

Itadaki masu

I humbly receive (phrase before eating)

Other useful mealtime phrases

If you are a guest at a Japanese dinner table, you might hear the host ask if you would like more to eat or drink:

もっと いかが です か? / もっと どう です か?

Motto ikaga desu ka? / Motto dō desu ka?

Would you like more (food/drink)?

If you want to decline, you can say:

いいえ、 けっこう です

Iie, kekkō desu.

No thank you / I'm fine

おなか が いっぱい です

Onaka ga ippai desu.

I am full.

Now that you know what to say when you start your meal, what do you say when you have finished eating?

ごちそうさま でした

Gochisōsama deshita

Thank you for this delicious meal.

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