Emergency Portuguese

You never know when you might be in an emergency situation. When you’re traveling by air there are some emergency Portuguese words you may need to use. In this lesson you’ll learn how to understand the emergency procedures on the plane in Portuguese, as well as other key pieces of information.

You’ll learn how to ask for things in Portuguese and how to speak to airport officials. Soon you’ll know exactly what to say on the plane and at the airport to make it easier and safer for you to travel in Brazil.

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Pronouncing emergency Portuguese words

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Compartimento superior

Overhead compartment

Cinto (de segurança)


Saída de emergência

Emergency Exit

Colete salva-vidas

Life jacket



Comissário de bordo / Comissária de bordo

Flight attendant

Bilhete de embarque

Boarding pass

Imagine you are on a flight from America to Brazil. It’s a long way, so make sure you know how to ask for a drink or an extra blanket in case you are cold. It’s also important to know what “Por favor, apertar o cinto” means. Repeat the new words aloud to practice your pronunciation.

Gostaria de um copo de água

I would like to have a glass of water

Tenho medo de voar

I'm scared of flying

Estou com fome

I'm hungry

Estou com frio. Você poderia me dar um cobertor?

I'm cold, could you get me a blanket?

Quando é que vamos aterrissar?

When are we going to land?

Por favor, aperte o cinto

Please fasten your seatbelt

Meu fone de ouvido não funciona

My headset doesn't work

Vamos passar por uma zona de turbulência

We will pass through a turbulence zone

Once you arrive at the airport you will have to collect your luggage. Simply follow the signs to the “Coleta de bagagem” and make your way to the “Controle de passaporte.” Listen to the Audio link below to hear the pronunciation…

Coleta de bagagem

Baggage claim

Controle de passaporte

Passport control



Hopefully you won’t need to use the following phrases, but it’s still useful to know them.

Minha bagagem está danificada

My luggage is damaged

Minha bagagem foi extraviada

My luggage was lost

Perdi minha conexão

I've missed my connecting flight

Perdi meu passaporte

I've lost my passport

Perdi meu bilhete

I've lost my ticket

Perdi minha passagem

I lost my ticket

Perdi meu bilhete de embarque

I've lost my boarding pass

Estou perdido

I'm lost

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

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