Accommodation in Portuguese

You’re tired of traveling and need a place to sleep, but how do you ask for a hotel in Portuguese? In this lesson you’ll learn how to ask for different types of hotels, a hostel or a camping ground?

Once you’ve got a recommendation for good accommodation in Portuguese, you’ll also find out how to find transport to get there…

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Pronouncing accommodation in Portuguese

Asking for accommodation

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Você pode me recomendar...

Can you recommend me...

Você pode me recomendar um bom hotel?

Can you recommend me a good hotel?

Você pode me recomendar um hotel barato?

Can you recommend me an inexpensive hotel?

Você pode me recomendar um hotel para famílias?

Can you recommend me a family-friendly hotel?

Você pode me recomendar um hotel tranquilo?

Can you recommend me a quiet hotel?

Você pode me recomendar um hotel silencioso?

Can you recommend me a quiet hotel?

Você pode me recomendar um hotel no centro da cidade?

Can you recommend me a hotel in the centre?

Types of accommodation

If you prefer other types of accommodation...

Há algum.....?

Is there… ?

Há algum albergue (da juventude)?

Is there a youth hostel?

Há alguma área de camping?

Is there a camping ground?

Há alguma pensão?

Is there a motel?

The word motel has a different connotation in Brazil. Motels in Brazil are actually short-stay hotels that allow people privacy for "romantic" encounters. You will see signs advertising these Motels in many different places around town and along the inter-State roads, but they are not the same as hotels and inns. So, please be advised that if you want a quiet, family-friendly place to rest and spend your holidays, do not ask directions to a motel!

Asking for Directions

Once you have decided where to stay, you need to find out how to get there.

Como faço para chegar ao Hotel [Milênio], por favor?

How do I get to the [Millennium] hotel, please?

Onde fica o ponto de táxi, por favor?

Where is the taxi stand, please?

Qual ônibus passa pelo hotel [Milênio]?

Which bus goes to the [Millennium] hotel?

Que linha do metrô passa pelo hotel [Milênio]?

Which metro line goes to the [Millennium] hotel?

A taxi ride can be quite expensive in Brazil, so you might want to get an idea of the price before you hop in. Here are some important words and phrases for you to remember.

Gostaria de ir ao hotel [Milênio], por favor.

I would like to go to the [Millennium] hotel, please.

Quanto custa para ir ao hotel [Milênio]?

How much does it cost to the [Millennium] hotel...?

Fica longe?

Is it far?

Mais ou menos?

More or less?

Você passa pelo hotel [Milênio]?

Do you go to the [Millennium] hotel...?

Há uma parada ônibus perto do hotel?

Is there a bus stop close to the hotel?

Há um ponto de ônibus perto do hotel?

Is there a bus stop near the hotel?

Ponto de táxi / Parada de táxi

The taxi stand

Ponto de ônibus / Parada de ônibus

The bus stop

Estação de metrô

Metro station

O táxi

The taxi

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you found that helpful.

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