Health in Portuguese

You never know when you’ll need to talk about your health in Portuguese, so it’s best to be prepared. After today’s Portuguese language lesson with audio you’ll be able to say if you’re not feeling well, and recognize the Portuguese words for a health shop, natural medicine and more.

But it’s not always about medical Portuguese. Ever heard Brazilian people saying "saúde" when they raise their glasses for a toast and wondered what it meant? It’s the expression for "cheers" in Portuguese!

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Pronouncing health in Portuguese

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Health / Cheers

Com boa saúde

With good health

Com má saúde

In poor health

Me sinto bem hoje!

I feel good today!

Me sinto mal

I am not feeling well

Remédio natural

Natural medicine

Os alimentos saudáveis

Health foods

Loja de alimentos saudáveis

Health food shop

Centro de saúde

Health center

That’s it for this lesson.

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