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Rocket French Brittany

Submitted: 3+ years ago


The Rocket approach to teaching a foreign language, improving conversational French in my case, makes the process a pleasure to follow. There is great variety of subjects covered in different teaching ways, and I think the recording options are an excellent way to test your progress. My accent and confidence have improved and it makes me keen to use what I have learnt in public.

Rocket's approach also makes it so easy to go back and review any lesson / subject at any time, and the use of My Vocab and Notes means you can keep a permanent record of those words and phrases you find tricky to remember. I would recommend Rocket to anyone wishing to learn a new language or needing to take their knowledge of a language to a higher level.

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S. Anbarasan

Rocket Hindi Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I enjoy learning the Hindi language with Rocket Hindi.

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Rocket German

Submitted: 3+ years ago


A fun and easy way to learn. Several years ago I started with Rocket German before a trip to Germany. Although I didn't progress very far with the lessons, what I did learn really helped with important things like ordering food, booking a room, getting directions, etc. Now I'm planning a trip to Austria and am planning to go through all 3 levels of lessons before my trip in September 2013. Its a really fun way to learn.