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3326 Customer reviews

Katherine Brinker

Katherine Brinker

Rocket Arabic Arizona


I love the voice recognition, which allows my pronunciation to progress quickly! The videos demonstrating how to write out the characters have also been immensely helpful, I would definitely recommend this.

Paolo  Mutri

Paolo Mutri

Rocket Arabic


Just started to check out the Arabic Course. I am a professional translator and teacher who just attended an 50 hours Egyptian Course at my school and I must admit, this course is a great support to any regular classroom course since it gives you a chance to practice live language at home, highly recommended!

Berni  Ayers

Berni Ayers

Rocket Arabic McLean, VA


I listen to the downloadable conversations when I am cleaning, working out, and every time I have a break... I just saved them to my phone and listen to those instead of music! I love the different activities! I have learned so much already! thank you! I wish the font of the Arabic words was larger so I could better learn how to put the letters together to form words. Thank you for a great learning platform!

Alice  Johnson

Alice Johnson

Rocket Arabic


I signed up a while ago but have been using it intensively for the last week - and I am really enjoying it! If you make use of all the different ways of testing yourself - recording, role playing, writing etc. - then you can make real progress quickly.

Linda Asa

Linda Asa

Rocket Arabic United States


After only 3 months of study I was able to read, write, and speak enough Arabic to get me through any casual encounter.
It was fun to listen to Arabic music and understand the lyrics! Rocket Arabic is a better way to learn and I was more successful with this program than the class I took at university.

John O'Connor

John O'Connor

Rocket Arabic


This is an awesome method to refresh my memory of the Egyptian dialect, and to keep my pronunciation up. I'm impressed by the level of detail and the ability to continuously correct yourself (and hear it in playback!) in order to pronounce words correctly. This is a very effective programme for learning Arabic, and specifically, the Egyptian dialect. I recommend it!

Charlie Wallace

Charlie Wallace

Rocket Arabic Denver


So far this is an amazing course. This is a great way to learn Egyptian Arabic. The quality is very good as well as being easy to use. I would highly recommend this to my friend. Actually, my friend is joining now. I really am hoping that it will be a successful road to Arabic.

Graeme Appleby

Graeme Appleby

Rocket Arabic Sydney


easy to use and fun to lean, I never thought it would be this easy
I learn in my spare time and am always surprised at how much I learn If you want to learn another language, then Rocket is the one for you

Robert Gloria

Robert Gloria

Rocket Arabic United States


Listening to the audio lessons is very boring. You hear someone saying something in Arabic, and then they tell you what it is in english with a little bit of filler and sometimes a lame joke. There's too much english speaking in between the arabic, and after listening to it I don't recall anything from it. I then started doing some of the other activities and they're all very basic. This is much less advanced than Rosetta Stone.

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Khalid Ikram

Khalid Ikram

Rocket Arabic Potomac, MD , United States


This is an excellent program, in my opinion better than the comparable Pimsleur product, because it makes an attempt to explain the grammar. The dialogues are well spoken and practical. The main shortcoming is that there is no follow-up program. We need to have at least a Rocket Arabic 2 and preferably a 3 as well. Otherwise, there is a bit of a feeling of being abandoned at the start of the journey.