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Diana Hanshaw

Rocket Italian — Harbor City, CA, United States
3 months ago

I'm having so much fun learning the language of my parents and grandparents. I didn't learn Italian growing up as my parents wanted to be American. When they got older they regretted not having taught us... More

Jessica Smith

Rocket Italian — Seattle, WA, United States
3 months ago

Rocket Italian is an amazing product! I've tried Rosetta Stone in the past but found their lesson plans to be boring. Rocket Italian is engaging and an overall better value since it's far less expensive. More

Matteo Giudici

Rocket Italian — New York, United States
2 months ago

Great price and lots and lots of great tools to improve your language skills and become comfortable with your Italian. I was extremely please by how all of the review show higher rating compared to other programs (i... More

Gia Wakil

Rocket Italian — New York, New York, United States
2 months ago

I love Rocket Languages! I have Levels 1-3, which are extremely comprehensive. I enjoy the mix of listening, speaking, writing, and reading lessons. I was previously using Duolingo (which is free and great for basic learners), and it got me to about 60% fluency... More

Gary Vandewege
1 Like

Rocket Italian — United States
2 months ago

Good common phrases. Basically, very happy with the course. Negative: 1. At the end of each lesson are LONG phrases that are almost impossible to learn at the early stage. 2. One of the male readers is VERY difficult to understand, compared to all the others... More

John Tredeaux

Rocket Italian — Boulder, CO, United States
1 month ago

I have used rocket Spanish and loved it. I will soon be taking a trip to Italy so I am now trying to learn using rocket Italian . Rocket Languages, in my opinion, are the very best and easiest way to learn a new language. More

Uday Jakhar

Rocket Italian — delhi, India
1 month ago

I love you guys. And you are the best language learning course on the internet. I plan to learn every single language you offer. And I just wish that you upgrade language like ASL, KOREAN,ARABIC and RUSSIAN to high levels such as premium level 3 More

Tim Walsh

Rocket Italian — New York/New York, United States
1 month ago

The program--either on desktop or tablet, often does not record my voice, and thus does not record portions of lessons. This is not getting better. Until Rocked Languages can improve its server, I'd advise avoiding the program. More

Barbara Alton


Rocket Italian — Snohomish, Washington, United States
25 days ago

I love Rocket Italian. I had studied Italian on my own for a few years. I am older so I did not learn it quickly, but I had made good progress. I had used Rosetta Stone and college workbooks I had purchased online... More

Damon Ferlazzo


Rocket Italian — Missouri, United States
19 days ago

Unlike Rosetta stone this teaches you things you can actually use and provides actual instruction. There is a good mixture of interactive audio lessons, activities, flash cards, review and more. It's nice to hear a native speaker and a non native (American) one too... More

Jeffrey Celestine


Rocket Italian — mahe, Seychelles
13 days ago

I am very happy with the lesson. The audio part is excellent because it allow you to speak instantly. I am very please with the lesson and i would recommend any one wanting to learn the luggage to join... More

Darla Klonowski


Rocket Italian — Michigan, United States
11 days ago

I really enjoy the dialogue in the beginning and the review helps a lot! The activity I feel helps me is getting involved with the dialogue and I can hear myself talk with the partner. I wish Rocket Language had a study guide or book to go along when I go out so I can review while traveling when there is no internet... More

Erica Kline


Rocket Italian — Burnsville, mn, United States
11 days ago

I am currently learning Italian. I didn't hold on to the beautiful language growing up and have to start from fresh. But Rocket Langauge is so user friendly and makes for a great learning experience. I will be able to speak the language of my familia in no time... More

Dude Colorado-USA


Rocket Italian — United States
7 days ago

Hello. I was born in the United States so my first language is English. Currently I’m extremely fluent in Spanish and Italian. I’ll elaborate on that later. I retired in 2008. In December of 2009 it was decided to purchase Rocket Spanish for myself as a Christmas present... More

Joann Feeley


Rocket Italian — Laurium / Michigan, United States
5 hours ago

The introductory lesson was very well done. The host and teacher have pleasant voices, speak clearly and intelligibly and seem enthusiastic. The instructions were clear and the method promotes retention of proper words and pronunciation... More

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