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Happy Birthday in Spanish

Celebrations, of any kind, usually gather large groups of people in Latin America, and Spanish birthdays are no exceptions to this rule. Latin American people like to make big parties and celebrate among friends and family. In this lesson, you will learn some of the most common phrases in order to congratulate a birthday person, the Happy Birthday song (and some of its variations in different countries) and vocabulary when at the party!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Happy Birthday!

Our Rocket Record feature is your best ally in order to practice and perfect your pronunciation of Happy Birthday in Spanish, so please be sure to use it while taking the lesson; listen to the audio and follow the Spanish pronunciation; please keep in mind that speaking aloud will help you feel more comfortable with your pronunciation.

First, the full 'Happy Birthday' song in Spanish

The lyrics to Happy Birthday in Spanish

Feliz cumpleaños a ti feliz cumpleaños a ti feliz cumpleaños querido/a (name) feliz cumpleaños a ti. Ya queremos pastel Ya queremos pastel, Aunque sea un pedacito, pero queremos pastel. In some countries, the song may vary a bit, here are some examples:

Singing Happy Birthday in Colombia:

Cumpleaños feliz te deseamos a ti cumpleaños (name) cumpleaños feliz.

Que los cumpla feliz, que los vuelva a cumplir, que los siga cumpliendo, Hasta el año 3000.

Happy Birthday in Chile:

Cumpleaños feliz te deseamos a ti feliz cumpleaños (name) que los cumplas feliz.

The Happy Birthday song in Spain / España:

Cumpleaños feliz cumpleaños feliz te deseamos (name) cumpleaños feliz.

Las mañanitas

There is a popular song called 'Las mañanitas'. This song is usually sung with all the guests gathered around the birthday person before they blow out the candles. Estas son las mañanitas que cantaba el rey David A las muchachas/os bonitas/os, se las cantamos así. Despierta mi bien despierta Mira que ya amaneció Ya los pajarillos cantan La luna ya se metió.

El día en que tú naciste, nacieron todas las flores Y En la pila del bautismo cantaron los ruiseñores. Ya viene amaneciendo ya la luz del dia nos dió. Levantate de mañana, mira que ya amaneció. Here are some helpful words that will come in handy at a Spanish Birthday party:

Fiesta de Cumpleaños

Birthday Party



Velas, Candelas






Refrescos, Bebidas






Pastel de Frutas

Fruit Cake

Pastel de Vainilla

Vanilla Cake

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Happy Birthday!







¡Mis mejores deseos!

Best wishes!

¡Mis mejores deseos en tu día!

Best wishes on your day!

¡Que la pases bien!

Hope you have a good time!

¡Que Dios te bendiga!

May God Bless you!

¡Muchas felicidades!


¡Que cumplas muchos años más!

May you live many more! (years)

Some phrases commonly used to congratulate the person are: If you are talking to the birthday person, some people may ask:

Y, ¿piensas hacer algo?

And, are you planning to do something?

¿Dónde es la fiesta?

Where's the party?

¿Lo vas a celebrar?

Are you going to celebrate it?

¿Vas a salir?

Are you going out?

The length of the celebration may vary according to the type of person and where they celebrate it. When the party is for children, there is usually a piñata (a clay figure in different shapes, that contains candy). It hangs from a rope and usually an adult moves it up and down. Children are blindfolded and spun around; then they are given a wooden stick which is used in order to break the piñata. People shout in order to confuse the children, shouting it is up or down, left or right. Here’s some audio you will hear in a piñata or birthday parties for kids:








To spin





That’s it for today’s Spanish lesson on saying Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoyed it, that you learned new expressions and improve your pronunciation! ¡Hasta la próxima! Mauricio Evlampieff Rocket Spanish