Interview in Spanish

Preparing for a job interview in Spanish? Rocket Spanish is here to help! After this free audio lesson you’ll be able to speak in Spanish about working hours, references, and work permits. You’ll be able to talk about your experience and your qualifications.

An entrevista (interview in Spanish) doesn’t need to be scary. Listen to the audio and the Spanish pronunciation. Practice the Spanish words and phrases until you feel confident, shine those shoes and walk tall. Good luck!

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Preparing for a job interview in Spanish

Here is some general vocabulary that will be useful for you to prepare for an application or interview in Spanish.

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Working hours / Schedule


Resumé / CV









Jefa / Jefe

Employer / Boss

Anuncio de trabajo

Job advertisement

Descripción de trabajo

Job description

Permiso de trabajo

Work permit

Some answers to Spanish interview questions

Be prepared to talk about your work history and past experiences.

Tengo experiencia...

I have experience...

Como actriz / actor


En la fotografía

In photography

El trabajo de oficina

Office Work

Como vendedora / vendedor

In sales

Como secretaria / secretario

In secretarial work

En la enseñanza


En el diseño

In design

En trabajos de limpieza


En la construcción

In Construction Work

Como camarera / camarero

As a waitress / waiter

En ordenadores

Using computers

If you have any qualifications, it’s always a good idea to state them in the interview.

Estoy cualificada para…

I am qualified for...

An important issue you probably want to address is what type of job you’re looking for.

I’m looking for…

Estoy buscando trabajo...

I am looking for work...

A tiempo parcial


A tiempo completo



Casual Work

Spanish interview questions

Before you accept the job, check out all the conditions, especially your salary and work hours…

¿Cuál es el salario?

What's the salary?

¿Cómo me van a pagar?

How is the salary paid?

¿Cada cuánto me van a pagar?

How often would I get paid?

¿Cuál es el horario?

What are the working hours?

Some additional issues you may want to address are…

Seguro médico

Health insurance

Pago de horas extras

Overtime pay

Vacaciones pagada

Paid vacation


Income tax

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