Drinks in Spanish

Knowing the names of different drinks in Spanish is very important when you are out and about travelling in a Spanish speaking country. From being able to quench your basic thirst when visiting local attractions, to understanding what the beverages in Spanish are at a local restaurant or bar, ordering room service or visiting Spanish speaking friends' homes there are many situations when you might have to use drinks in Spanish vocabulary. With the following words you will be all set to order what you feel like.

You can use any of the drinks in Spanish words with the sentence - Me gustaria un/a ___ por favor. I would like a ___ please

Talking about drinks in Spanish

Me gustaría un vaso de jugo, por favor

I'd like a glass of juice please

Me gustaría un café.

I'd like a coffee.

A list of Drinks and Beverages in Spanish

Una bebida alcohólica

An alcoholic beverage/drink

Una bebida no alcohólica

A non-alcoholic beverage/drink



Agua mineral

Mineral water






Jugo de manzana

Apple juice

Jugo de naranja

Orange juice

Coca cola








Vino blanco

White wine

Vino tinto

Red wine

Vino rosado

Rosé wine

Champán, Champaña


Remember that most words ending in "o" or "e" in Spanish are masculine and use the article "un" and most words that end in "a" are feminine words and use "una" as the article. So if you want to say I would like an apple juice please, you say, "Me gustaria un jugo de manzana por favor" and if you want to say I would like a beer please, you say, "Me gustaria una cerveza por favor". Practice and you will soon get the hang of it - good luck.

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