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Money in Spanish

Learn how to talk about money in Spanish with this free, easy to follow lesson. Whether you’re on vacation or living in a Spanish-speaking country, knowing these Spanish words and phrases will make life a lot easier! After this you’ll know the words for different currencies, and how to do your banking in Spanish.

There’s no need to feel nervous in front of a money exchange – we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Follow the English translation and listen to the Spanish pronunciation. Practice the words aloud until you’re ready to find the best exchange rate!

Talking about money in Spanish






Change / Exchange

Cheque de viajero

Traveler's Check

Billete de banco




El tipo de cambio

Exchange rate









Cuesta veinticinco dólares

It costs 25 dollars

Cuesta treinta y nueve dólares y noventa y nueve centavos

It costs $39.99

Tres centavos

Three cents

Exchanging money in Spanish

First, let’s learn how to ask where the bank is…

¿Dónde está el banco?

Where is the bank?

Make use of the following questions so you’ll have no problem exchanging your money…

¿Dónde se puede cambiar el dinero?

Where can I get money exchanged?

¿Dónde está la oficina de cambiar dinero?

Where is the money exchange office located?

While visiting the money exchange office, ask for the current exchange rate. The following phrases may be helpful.

¿A cuánto está el cambio hoy?

What is the exchange rate today?

¿Cuál es el tipo de cambio?

What is the exchange rate?

¿Cuánto vale un dólar? /¿A cuánto está el dólar?

How many pesos for a dollar?

¿Cuántos pesos puedo comprar por un dólar?

How many pesos can I buy for one dollar?

¿Cuál es su comisión?

What is your commission?

¿Cuánto es el cargo de servicio para cambiar dinero?

How much is the service charge?

To cash a travelers' check, say…

Quiero cambiar cheques de viajero, por favor.

I would like to change some travelers' checks, please.

Or, if you want to buy travelers' checks, you can ask...

¿Donde puedo comprar cheques de viajero?

Where can I buy travelers' checks?

When you exchange money, the bank clerk will ask you, *¿Cómo quiere el dinero, en billetes grandes o pequeños?, "*How would you like your money? In big bills or small ones?" And you can answer with one of the following phrases:

¿Podría darme billetes grandes, pequeños, y monedas?

Could you give me big bills, small bills, and coins?

Deme billetes pequeños, por favor.

Please give me small bills.

¿Me lo puede dar en billetes más pequeños?

Can I have smaller bills?

Now, although banks are generally open Monday to Friday, with some banks open on Saturday mornings, you may want to double-check the opening hours…

¿A qué hora abre el banco?

What time does the bank open?

¿A qué hora cierran el banco?

What time does the bank close?

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See you soon! ¡Hasta pronto!

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