Holidays in Spanish

This free audio lesson is all about holidays in Spanish. Find out the Spanish word for holiday and what the main Spanish holidays are!

Many of the holidays that we celebrate and look forward to in English speaking countries are also part of the cultural life of Spanish speaking countries.

If you would like to ask someone what they have planned for a certain holiday you can do so by asking, ¿Cuáles son tus planes para _______? Being able to talk about plans helps you to make arrangements with another person and talk socially about an event. Why not have a try making questions using the above language structure with the holidays in Spanish vocabulary here?

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Talking about Holidays in Spanish

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Un feriado

A public holiday

Día de la nación

National holiday

A veces un feriado crea un fin de semana largo

Sometimes a public holiday creates a long weekend

How to say different Holidays in Spanish





Día de inocentes

April Fool's Day

Pascua/Semana Santa


Día del padre

Father's Day





Día de las madres

Mother's Day

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Día de año nuevo

New Year's Day

Día de San Patricio

St. Patrick's Day

Día de acción de gracia




Día de San Valentín

Valentine's Day

Día de la Independencia

Independence Day

Visiting a Spanish speaking country during celebrations can be a marvelously rich and rewarding experience. As you can see, Latin countries celebrate many of the same occasions as English speaking countries, but you might even find some other fascinating ones such as the Day of the Dead in Mexico. For more lessons on Spanish vocabulary I recommend these!

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